Board Development and Strategic Planning for Nonprofits


Board Strengths & Weaknesses


Does Your Board have 12 people and 24 opinions on every decision? Or worse, are they totally disengaged? Do you need help?

If you struggle with your Board of Directors, you are not alone. Many nonprofit organizations and associations have never engaged in board development.

Executive Directors/CEO’s and Board Chairs come to us for a number of reasons:

- Difficulties working together as a team and overall lack of alignment;

- Poor organization;

- Board members who are not carrying their weight;

- The need to identify new members who can take the organization to a new level.

I have a suite of solutions and methodologies that help Boards and Executive Directors/CEO’s develop capacity, agree on roles, and achieve alignment to have more impact and make the mission a reality. I do this in ways that work best for you and your needs – whether through training, coaching, facilitation, consulting, or a combination.

Take our free assessment today about the strengths and weaknesses of your Board. Then call me anytime at 802-778-0626 to start the conversation. Your biggest risk is in NOT taking action, because a sub-optimal Board can lead to unnecessary conflict, failure to achieve your mission and make a huge difference in your community, and even personal liability for your Board members. It all begins with strong board development and strategic planning efforts.

Take action now.

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